Case Study
Premier District Hospital

We first heard about the vending machines, in April of 2019, from a colleague in the NHS . At the time, the way that we supported our hospital with their resuscitation stock in the evenings and weekends was via spares boxes.  This was time-consuming to maintain as we needed to put the entire contents of a resuscitation trolley into a plastic box, which was a struggle. 

 Once we heard about the vending machines, we were keen to try them as we believed that this would be a better option for our hospital. From when we first had communications with e-Tradeway, we have always been pleased with how professional they are and how attentive they have been. This has made it easier to manage stock and recharge for kit being used. 

 After the first machine was installed and implemented to the first half of the hospital, we received such good feedback that we then ordered a second machine so that we could standardise the service that we provide. . 

Bailey McFall
Resuscitation and Simulation Technician
Resuscitation and Simulation Department


We were looking for a new way to make it easier for staff to access the resuscitation equipment they need with minimal impact on our team. While we’re always on hand to assist with any queries and help with stock, we needed to come up with a simpler system to help us save time, money and significantly reduce wastage.

Jo Rainsley
Resuscitation and Simulation Manager.
Resuscitation and Simulation Department