Custom Design

We have a team of experienced engineers responsible for the design of our software and hardware systems. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of specialities ranging from design of microcontroller boards with bespoke firmware to backend server software with databasing, browser based kiosk services, PDA/phone applications and web portals.

Having this design and engineering experience in-house allows us to easily adapt our existing systems or indeed create a completely bespoke solution tailored to a customer’s individual requirements.

Wherever possible we use carefully selected, commercially available, off the shelf components with a manufacturer guaranteed long product life within our systems. This allows us to provide cost effective solutions with ease of access to spare parts if required. In addition, all of our control systems have the ability as standard to be checked, configured and upgraded remotely by an engineer if required but without the need for a site visit.

We frequently provide bespoke vending solutions where customers require a traditional belt or coil machine to vend some items but need an adjacent locker to hold oversize or unusual items. Our approach allows us to customise our machine control system so that the same point of use interface is used to vend from the machine and control access to the locker with no need for additional access cards or user interfaces. This unified approach also allows our web portal will treat the system as a single stock room for easier administrative reporting and stock control.

Amongst our recent custom vending solutions are:

  • A dispenser for very high throughput, small PPE items that require usage tracking and which could not be vended from a standard machine
  • A locker system for large items using weight measuring technology to track product usage within the locker

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