Customer Products

Our services are used in a variety of Markets and Environments. Each project is unique adding value by meeting the client’s requirements. The common aspect of all projects is the management of consumable products all shapes and all sizes.

Below is a gallery of some of the Consumable Products we currently manage.

Range of stationery items and office consumables
Office Consumables
Industrial lubricants and chemicals in sealed containers
Disposable suits, coveralls, overalls and protective clothing
Tubed silicone products such as adhesives, sealants and bonding
Silicone Adhesives
Hearing Protection and also ear defenders, ear plugs, pods and bands.
Ear Defender
Face masks, coverings and respirators. Filters, FFP2, FFP3, N95 NOSH Approved KN95 markings
Face Masks
Hand protection, welding gauntlets and cotton under gloves. Kevlar Sleeves
Safety Gloves
Spray cans, industrial sprays and lubricants
Industrial Sprays
Glue, adhesives, gum and paste
Industrial Adhesives
Medical equipment, resuscitation supplies, hospital consumables, dressings, palliative care
Medical Supplies
IT, laptop computer consumables and peripherals
Memory Cards
Batteries, power packs, dry-cell and voltaic battery
Safety equipment and eyewear, which includes safety specs, goggles, spectacles, over glasses
Safety Glasses
Safety knife, fish knives, Stanley knives, blade, box cutter, craft, cutting, utility, edging, scraper
Safety Knives
Range of stationery items for the office, school and college. Study aids and materials
Sellotape, cellulose, tape, Scotch tape, masking-tape.  Types of fixings, bands, paste, binding and bonding materials
Safety Goggles and eye wear / protection.  Health and Safety
Safety Goggles
Nitrile gloves, boxed gloves, disposable gloves single-use gloves.
Vinyl Gloves
Workshop consumables, sanding discs and belts
Abraisive Disc
Chemistry media and solutions. Laboratory testing and experiments
Chemistry Products
IT equipment plus software, screen, pc and laptop accessories and consumables
Computer Peripherals
Laboratory equipment and consumables. Research Lab
Pipette Vending
Cut gloves, Protective gloves.  Sleeves and arm protection
Protective Gloves
Emery cloth and grit-grade paper for polishing, smoothing, grinding
Wire Brush & Abraisive Belts
Food safety temperature-controlled vending of sandwiches for patients between hospital meal-times.  Fresh food vending, chilled food and out of hours patient snacks.
Patient Sandwiches
Science Laboratory, Medical Research. Science Lab. Testing Ground. Experiments. Chemistry.
Conical Tubes
Hole cutters and drill bits.
Hole Saw
Small Items Vending
Lego Bricks
Medical equipment. Hospital theatre supplies plus other non-standard shaped products.
Medical Forceps