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The purpose of all our services is always to make the Products required to carry out and complete tasks available. The range of products we manage is extensive and increasing as we implement more projects.

All projects start with identifying the products that must be managed. This determines the equipment we will use to provide the required service. For every project we request a sample of each Product that must be available in the condition it will be issued.

Vending Cabinets are an automated Self Service Solution for a broad range of products.

Available in either a spiral or conveyor delivery option.

Operated by machine Keypad for single stand-alone systems or a Control Module Touch Screen interface for single or multiple cabinets.

Available in Room Temperature, Refrigerated and Freezer Variants.

Access for system users is by Client Employee Credential or E-Tradeway access fob.

Vending Lockers are used to manage larger items not suited for Vending Cabinets. Available in a range of sizes they provide an ideal solution for both product issue and product return transactions.

Operated as an independent system accessed by user credential with a touch screen or connected to a Control Module.

Lockers can also be used as an add on to a Vending Cabinet.

Lockers can be used for the management of a single item or multiples of the same item. Where required the addition of the E-Tradeway Weigh Scale feature enables accurate management of locker stock.

The Control Module is the heart of the E-Volution Modular Stock Room System. The touch screen interface provides an easy and effective way for users to operate the system. Product Selection and Consignments can be made directly on the screen or by posting a pick list request or Consignment through a system kiosk.

The Control Module manages multiple Vending Cabinets: Spiral, Conveyor, Lockers and Cupboards.

Communication outbound and inbound with our server is made through either a Network or 4G Connection.

Proximity and Biometric readers for user access are fitted to suit the project requirements.

The kiosk solution is designed as a self-service or attended service solution for small to large product stores with managed or unmanaged access. The Kiosk can manage Onsite stock as well as an agreed range of items that can be called onto site as required. The Kiosk also offers the ability to add unspecified items that can be managed as exceptions.

Kiosk Users can be pre-registered or invited to register if they want to use the service. If required, the Kiosk System can accept and manage Credit Card payments.

  • User Access Management: Operator, Supervisor, Manager, Administrator
  • Unmediated Transactions (No Approval Required)
  • Mediated Transactions (Approval Required)
  • Assign Transactions to a Cost Centre, Budget Code, Department
  • Purchase Order Number Management
  • Quote and Promo Code Management
  • Product Consignments

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