Cloud Based Services
Our cloud based inventory and user management software is the result of extensive client focused development, producing a system that is powerful, flexible and yet intuitive in its operation.
Effective inventory stock management is critical in running a lean and efficient organisation where products and consumables need to be available for your users when required. To achieve this, our flexible reporting tools allow the analysis of product usage data, enabling your organisation to achieve automated inventory management and smart stocking.
Product usage data can be viewed through our cloud based inventory management software at any time and we also provide data export options to allow further analysis. Additionally functionality within our software provides for:
  • Usage data and product shortfall reports to be automatically emailed to multiple recipients.
  • Email alerts for industrial vending machine fault and status alerts.
  • Integration with your organisation’s SAP system, allowing highly automated inventory management.
Managing Products
Our inventory management software allows you to enter multiple products and provide descriptions, stock target levels and pictures for them.

Managing Stock Rooms

These products are held in a stock rooms, which are defined within the inventory management software. Stock rooms could be:
  • an industrial vending machine
  • a locker system
  • a product cabinet
  • a shelf of products in a room

Managing Stock Levels

Current product stock levels are held within the inventory management software and can be manually adjusted from within there. In addition, products can be consigned, returned or issued through a cloud based portal.

Managing Users

Users can be granted access to the stock room through the inventory management software and be given either free access or allocated to a user group. User groups allow access to be restricted so that only appropriate products are available or a certain number of products can be issued within a given time frame.

Manging User Access

User access to our industrial vending machines and lockers is typically authorised by a credential such as an RFID enabled card, typically we will try to use the same cards that already exist within your organisation, by a PIN number or a biometric reader. User details are held within the user records of the inventory management software.
For a basic stock room, every transaction that has been made from a stock room, whether it is a product issue, consignment or return, will be available within a report for the analysis of usage data. The transaction report contains:
  • The stock room identifier
  • The transaction date and time
  • The user responsible for the transaction
  • The item details.
  • The quantity of items

Some more complicated stock rooms may have refrigerated or freezer based industrial vending machines and in these cases, the report available on the inventory management system may include information such as

  • Product temperature at the time of issue
  • Shelf life expiry date
  • Batch code information

Whilst our existing inventory management software fully caters for the majority of applications off the shelf, we realise that no two end users are the same and as such we are continually innovating and incorporating additional features as well as providing client requested functionality.
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