Data Reporting

The database information and transaction data produced by our systems is available to view on our server at all times. This can also be exported into excel at any time.

Auto Reporting for multiple recipients is available on all transaction reports. Enabling you to set up the time and frequency for when reports are delivered.

All our systems have the following Database requirements:

Products: This is the range of products to be managed by the service we implement. Each product is assigned a unique System ID for reporting and system management.

User: This is the database of users allowed to access the services we implement. Each user is assigned a unique System ID for reporting and system management.

Stock Room Details: This is the combination of products and the users who can access them at a specific Stock Room Location.

Product Issues Transaction Data:

For each transaction the system reports the Stock Room Location of the transaction. The data and time of the transaction. The username assigned to the User Unique System ID (Can be real or a System alias) the product issued by Product Unique ID and the Product Description assigned to it. We report Product Price if available and the Quantity issued. Any cost centres budget codes or departments associated to the User Unique System ID.

Other data: Shelf Life Expiry Date, Batch Code can be reported. Product Temperature at time of issue is available on selected systems.

Product Replenishment Data

For each Stock Room replenishment data is provided through a Merchandiser Report which summarises each product transaction for a selected period. No Consignment process is required allowing you to simply refill the stock room as required.

Stock Room Stock Targets, Available Stock, Active Replenishments and System Consignments are also available where required.

Log into our server now to view our data online: Register here to view our data suite.

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