Case Study
Global Automotive Company

Since incorporating e-Tradeway’s vending machine as part of our PPE stock control, we have managed to control and reduce associated costs.

Previously the PPE was almost on a free for all with little to no control or understanding of what and how much was being used and by who.

Since the introduction of the PPE vending machine we now have clear site, via the cloud-based reporting management suite of:

  • Points of usage.
  • Volumes of usage.
  • Frequency of usage.

Just by having this level of clear data, it will enable us to tailor our provision of PPE and Order as required rather than holding large volumes of stock that was always difficult to store securely.

The benefits to the end user of the PPE is:-

  •  24 hour uninterrupted access to appropriate PPE, which will go a long way towards preventing accidents. Especially as a business that runs 24/7.

Year on year due to the increase availability and access to the antic-cut gloves in that department, our laceration injuries have reduced by 80%.

The simplicity of use and dedication of the e-Tradeway team made the installation, set up, and back up service very easy.

Alan Webb,
Health & Safety Officer